The tape back-up system is in place primarily as a disaster recover system in case of a server crash or some similar catastrophe. All back-up tapes are stored in a Data-Safe facility offsite. As an added service, we do provide restoration of customer files when requested -- however, these requests can only be fulfilled during those times that the tape drive is not busy backing-up the servers. This means that there are a very limited number of hours per day when we can do restorations, because the back-up process runs for much of the day. If we happen to get several requests for restorations, or if those requests involve a large number of files -- then we may not be able to complete all of them in the time frame available, meaning a delay of up to 24-48 hours before the next opportunity.

To avoid downtime to your web site keep back-ups of your site on a zip disk or removable hard drive.  For web design customers, FCP maintains a backup file of your site and every effort is made to keep these backups current, however, this does not guarantee that it contains all of the most recent changes to your site.  If you would like to request a CD copy of your website for your own use or backup purposes, there is a $25.00 fee for this service.  Sites with databases should note that these require a backup separate from your web site html pages.